I am delighted to that we are finally coming out of lockdown and starting to run events again. It has been ages since I have performed at The Poetry Brothel and I have decided to start one in Hastings.

The Poetry Brothel is an immersive poetry event, modelled on fin-de-siècle bordellos. It was started in the New York by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski as a way or revitalising the poetry scene and bringing poetry out of academia, classrooms and open mics. Poetry Brothels have sprung up all over the world. The Poetry Brothel London was started in London by Gabriel Moreno and Jeyda Yagiz and The Poetry Brothel Hastings will be only the second in the UK. The PB London Brothel took over a number of different spaces; always keeping the mix of burlesque, magic, music and poetry and has been a home for poetry misfits and rebels for the past 5 yrs. Even though our theatres have been dark, the Poetry Brothel New York continued to run zoom events and myself and Naomi Wood met online at a couple, performing in the de-terrorialised space in the early hours to perform at the New York or International Brothels.

The launch of the Hastings Brothel is a ‘soft launch’; we will not be doing 1-2-1 or intimate readings yet. We are still finding our feet and building up an audience for a larger event.

I am wildly excited to have Naomi Wood, Henni Linnea, Paul Shine, Jude Montagu and Aflo the Poet join us for this event. Please go to the fb event page to find out more about the performers.

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Published by debra watson

Debra Watson is a performer, writer, director and facilitator working in theatre, arts and media.

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