Poetry Performances


Photo: Marcin W.Opatczyk

I have been performing intimate poetry since my TIME=MONEY project. I joined The Poetry Brothel London in 2016. The Poetry Brothel was started in New York in 2006 and has since grown to have branches in a number of USA and European cities.

Winter James and I have started our own new intimate poetry performance company with Winter James The Crimson Word to do events and private parties. We have performed at  A Curious Invitation,  ZDR: Fairytale and are scheduled to perform at Wonderland in September.


Here is a performance of ‘Where the Light Begins, with Barbara Bartz on Violin, filmed at The Poetry Brothel London, Arstheatre, West End,  by Immo Horn.

In 2017, I have also performed at Lucies Lounge @ Bloomsbury Tavern;  Bloody Poets collective,  The Dark Arts Circus and Platform 1 @The Poetry Cafe.


Here is a review of a show with ‘The Society of Imaginary Friends’ SOIF Review

Poetry Collection:

I have produced a small collection of some of the poems, performed at the Brothel, as Bibi Synthe.

It includes performance favourites: A Woman Needs a Coat, Promise, Spiral,  Soft Beats, The Black Dog Blues,  My Solipsistic Heart,  The First Maker, BN2,  Last of the Summer Sun, Aftershock,  Beloved and others. (link to purchase at the bottom of this page).


Photo by Steve Gregson


Photo: Steve Gregson


Photo: Marcin W.Opatczyk



Be Loved. A collection of poems by Debra Watson, Performing as Bibi Synthe for the Poetry Brothel – London


If you would like to purchase a poetry booklet, they are £10 plus p&p. Please send me a message via the comments page below and I will supply you with the payment details.


Upcoming Shows


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