HEKATE – a performance developed for @womenofwords for their MAIDEN / MOTHER /CRONE project is now live on my youtube channel. Best watched when you have a bit of down time. Get yourself a drink. Dim the lights. https://youtu.be/ylPQFKflt5Y

You can also see me perform live on-line at the @PoetryBrothelLondon on May 7th and ThePoetryBrothelBerlin May 8th ‘Maypole’ Editions. This is a virtual event, for a small, virtual audience with breakout rooms for intimate time with the poets. https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-poetry-brothel-6329968769?fbclid=IwAR1zFlW3uQEBPLjnJIZkH9Tb78fEOlNGmybiFPFMyvxDYfYQji69RTMg-go

Beyond Words Literary Magazine has published ‘Mother Tongue’ for their May issue. You can find them here:


I can’t wait to be doing live-live events again. Here is an article aabout what I have learnt from a year of performing at home for @AdvantagesofAge. You can read the short article here:


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Debra Watson is a performer, writer, director and facilitator working in theatre, arts and media.

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