A celebration of the crone archetype, HEKATE was commissioned by Women of Words for a live online performance in March 2021. It was a wonderful process and I am happy o be premiering a video of the performance on Tuesday 27/04/2021 at 8.00pm BST.

Music by Henni Saarela. Filmed live by Immo Horn.

The pandemic has been seriously challenging for live performers, artists and musicians. Please consider donating the price of a coffee (or a cocktail) to my paypal pool for this project https://paypal.me/pools/c/8yU0vnz8TW.

or you can find me at paypal.me/debrawatson

Music by Henni Saarela, filmed live by Immo Horn.

I am also available for intimate 1-2-1 readings of my work on zoom, skype, whatsapp or telephone. The cost is £10 for 10min for a 1-2-1 reading. Please get it touch via the comments page.

Published by debra watson

Debra Watson is a performer, writer, director and facilitator working in theatre, arts and media.

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