Laments & Incantations is here!

PictureCredit: Alexander Blair
Picture Credit Alexander Blair

We did it! ‘Laments & Incantations’ has arrived from the printers and we are having a double book launch with Maching de Valance’s ‘Your Body, My Poem’ on 09.05.2019

It has been a pleasure getting this collection together with editor Katie Haworth, whom I met as a fellow performer at The Poetry Brothel London. She has such a light touch and sensitivity , but is not afraid to suggest radical changes and to challenge me when I get too stubborn! Her diplomatic skills have clearly been honed by her editing day job! The collection is so much the better for Katie’s kind eye. Katie will be reading from her own work at the event.

This collection is very much the written text of oft performed poems. Hen Ni Linnea and I have been publicly performing poems in this collection over the past two years and I have done countless private/intimate readings of these poems at events like The Poetry Brothel London, The Curious Invitation (with the Crimson Word) and other events. People often ask, ‘Where can I find your work?’ and now, at last, I can say, ‘Here!’ The previous collection was published very much as a D.I.Y. chapbook to take along to the Poetry Brothel – but it has been almost 3 years between the two. These are not all the poems written in that period – just a sliver of stuff I was putting together in my head as ‘Laments and Incantations’.

Also launching in London, is Machig de Valence with her collection ‘Your Body, My Poem’. I met Machig in Berlin,where she runs The Poetry Brothel Berlin. Machig speaks of her work as “Tantric Poetry”. “Your body, my poem” was born out of the visceral need of Machig to bring some kinky heartfelt sexuality in contemporary poetry. The pictures in the book are often raw photographs, shot on smartphone, of Machig’s own erotic journey.

We will be joined on the night by poet and singer-songwriters responding with their own sensual and persuasive works. I am delighted to be joined in the night’s revelries by fresh punk- rocker/singer/songwriter Gabi Garbutt and Picturepoems (Alicia Maracanas). The two artists are completely different, but both bring a forthright honesty and emotion to their work which I find really inspiring.

Finally, performer and writer Tom Bland will be joining us. Toms will be reading from his poetry book, ‘The Death of a Clown’. Tom manages to combine therapy, clowning and asphyxiation. His is a unique voice; humane, open, shocking, compassionate and funny.

Tickets to the event can be booked here. We are running a waitlist – so do put your name down if you are interested in attending.

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Debra Watson is a performer, writer, director and facilitator working in theatre, arts and media.

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