Summer Festivals, September Fun!

Performing as Bibi Synthe @ The Poetry Brothel London, with Henni Linnea on violin.

I’m popping off to Berlin at the end of August to experience The Poetry Brothel Berlin – Bacchanal and coming back by way of a little festival in a field outside of  Amsterdam on 1st Sept.

Madly excited that our project  The Crimson Word is taking off!  We have 2 exciting events in September playing in a yurt at Wonderland Festival on 15th Sept and on the open stage on the 16th Sept and appearing at The Archway with Words Book Festival on 26th September in a show called ‘The Empire of Fluff’. We will be experimenting with form and multi-media and working with some of the finest performers and wordsmiths I know. Get your tickets before they go. You do not want to miss this night, exploring the dark heart of terrorities unknown, uncharted and ephemeral.

Also, on 20th September, experimental performances, music and poetry collective,  The Bloody Poets ,are back with a new chapter:  The Bloody Poets: Dues Irae

Then at the end of September, The Poetry Brothel London, the original poetry focused night of intimate readings returns to The Library in the West End, in a Baudelaire inspired, ‘Les Fleurs Du Mal’ inspired evening. I’ll be writing and performing new material, so come along!

October 3rd , I am appearing with Henni Linnea at Gabi Garbutt’s Music as Insurgent Art at The Monarch in Camden Town, with some great musicians and fellow poets Gabriel Moreno and Peter Doolan. Gabi Garbutt is producing a small book of poems and words for the night – so come along and pick up a copy.

Best news of all, is that my abstract for an essay on experiencing and performing intimate poetry has been accepted and I will be conducting research. If you would like to get involved, please message me and I will get in touch!



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Debra Watson is a performer, writer, director and facilitator working in theatre, arts and media.

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